FIVEWAYS Newsletter September 2017 

Signing in
To ensure good safeguarding practice we would like parents/carers to please sign your child in for the morning session before you enter the room. The signing in sheets will be here in the lobby.

New regulations
New regulations have come into force regarding allergens so we now have information displayed in the snack area about the food we provide to your children.

Pick-ups and drop-offs
Recently there has been disruption caused by children not being dropped off or collected at the appropriate time. Your promptness is important to enable us to provide an efficient and safe environment for your children so please try to observe relevant times. The doors open in the morning at 9.05am and we will be closing them for registration at 9.20am, the doors open again at 12.55pm for a 1pm start. Please remember to collect your child at 11.45am, 1pm or 3.25pm, depending on their timetable. If it is necessary to collect earlier please let us know and arrive before group time at 3.10pm. Thank you.

Chicken pox is doing the rounds at the moment; please keep your child at home until their spots have crusted over, usually about a week.

Thank you.